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Dogs and cats

Who says that only guests of the two-legged kind can be pampered while staying at a hotel? We believe that the four-legged variety are also entitled to a spot of luxury. So we have water and food bowls, poop bags and treats at the ready for the arrival of our feline and canine guests at the hotel. Dogs and cats are very welcome at The Square.

Guidelines that should be followed:

  • Dogs and cats prefer not to be left alone in the room.
  • Your best friends can go anywhere with you in the hotel except the breakfast room.
  • Dogs and cats feel most at ease when in the company of their family.

And when it's time for 'walkies', the Director will be only too happy to oblige!

Just remember to let us know in advance if you are bringing a dog or a cat with you.
You can do this by ticking the 'Dog in the room' box under 'Special Requests' when booking online.