An endless palette of opportunities


by Ida

Shopping streets in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is so, so many things to me, and I enjoy a broad spectrum of what the city has to offer, ranging from fine dining and shopping for art to beautiful walks. I never lack something to do, and below is a selection of my favourite pastimes in the city, which I can highly recommend.

Strøget – more than just shopping


Strøget is a paradise for shopaholics, but I also love just strolling down the length of the street and enjoying life. More often than not, I end up at one of the many cafés around Nyhavn, where you can have a delicious lunch.

Versatile Nørrebro


Nørrebro is a fusion of cultures, and I love the diversity of the neighbourhood. There are a myriad of foreign-style supermarkets and shops selling interesting items that you will not find elsewhere in Copenhagen.

The lakes in Copenhagen

The Lakes are the city's oasis


Sometimes, I just need a good, long walk, and the Lakes are like an oasis in the city. Ducks, joggers and lovers in perfect harmony, surrounded by beautiful nature. I never grow tired of it.

Christiania in Copenhagen

Unique Christiania


There are not many places quite as unusual and curious as Christiania. The free town, with all its unique people, its alternative lifestyle and its beautiful nature, is an experience every time you go there. You simply have to see it for yourself.

Canals tour in Copenhagen

Go on a canal cruise


The Amsterdam-inspired canals are amazing, and the canal tour takes you past a great many of Copenhagen's delights. What's more, the air is nice and fresh on the water.

Open air swimming


At the height of summer, it's the outdoor life for me! A swim at Kalkgraven or Amager Strandpark can bring a smile to my face, even on the toughest of days.

Art at Arken Museum of Modern Art


Ishøj is a suburb of Copenhagen primarily known for the art museum Arken. I often head there to enjoy the incredible art exhibitions the museum offers, and the beach out there is also absolutely fantastic.


Cocktail time


I like a night out with my friends and girlfriends at the weekend, and there are several cocktail bars I can recommend. The Drunken Flamingo, Miami Bar or Club Mambo are just some of my favourites – go there and see why.

When hunger strikes


Danish food culture has much to offer, but I also love foreign-inspired food. So I often head to Lélé Street Kitchen, where they serve delicious, light dishes. For more traditional Danish food, you should try Höst, Puk, Det lille Apotek or Frk. Barners Kælder, which all offer some of the best Danish cuisine around.

Tivoli – fun in the city centre


And then, of course, there's Tivoli, which is a wonderland for children and adults (and the young at heart) alike. Go in and have a go on all the rides and/or see all the other beautiful things the amusement park has to offer.

In other words: Copenhagen has it all!