Cycling Copenhagen

by Domenico

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When I have time to rumble around the city, I generally go by bike, as it's the easiest way to get around in bicycle-friendly Copenhagen.

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A trip to Bryggen

Often, my two-wheeled pursuits lead me in the direction of Islands Brygge, which is a great area. The promenade along the canal, which stretches from Islands Brygge all the way to Sydhavn, is a place I like cycling through, especially in the summer. I love the vibrancy around the outdoor pool near Langebro, and the small grassy areas along the promenade are frequently used for everything from sunbathing and football to barbecues with friends.

The capital's architecture

If you cycle on from there, you can experience a little piece of contemporary Copenhagen architecture in the form of the Gemini Building and the Metropolis building at Sluseholmen in Sydhavn – two aesthetic gems that I enjoy letting myself be seduced by. There is also a bridge at Gemini, which is divided into a bike path and a pedestrian path. The bridge connects Islands Brygge with the new residential area behind Fisketorvet and the hotel Copenhagen Island. I particularly recommend visiting the bridge in the evening when it's lit up.

A trip to Frederiksberg Park

If, like me, you are a nature lover, Frederiksberg Park is also worth a visit. I love to walk around and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings in central Copenhagen, summer and winter.

Urban renewal in Ørestaden

A delight yet to be fully discovered is Ørestaden, where I cycle out to if I have the time. There's a lot going on out there these days, following the urban renewal. I especially love the award-winning buildings such as 8-tallet, VM Husene and VM Bjerget, and at the first one you'll find Timos Café, which is certainly worth a visit, either for lunch or just a cup of coffee.

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