Shopping on Strøget

by Ruby

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For me, a relaxing, enjoyable day in Copenhagen usually means sharing it with a girlfriend.

The perfect shoes

We start with our favourite brunch at Café Phønix, which is situated on Kultorvet, before hitting all the shops of Strøget. After a while, we have a break and a good cup of coffee at one of the cafés on Strædet, such as in the courtyard of Café Hoppes, before continuing on our quest for the perfect pair of shoes!

Thai or Italian?

As the day goes on, we make our way further along Strøget in the direction of Nørreport Station. There is always a discussion about where we should eat; one of us always wants Thai, while the other is more into Italian food. One of us always treats the other... and it's never me :-)

A taste of Nørrebro

Want to experience a cultural change from the inner city to a local neighbourhood in Copenhagen? Then you should head for Nørrebro and, for example, eat at one of the many kebab houses. There are a host of other eateries if kebabs are not your thing, so you will certainly be able to find something else to your liking.

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