by Mette

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Modern Vesterbro

The area around Halmtorvet and Sønder Boulevard is a cool and trendy place where I love to hang out. It offers plenty of eating options, whether it's for lunch or dinner. In the summer, Sønder Boulevard really comes alive, and I especially enjoy going there in the evening. People hang out and play table tennis at the outdoor tables, and you can also play basketball. There is such a great atmosphere in the streets.

Street art

There is so much building work going on in Copenhagen at the moment, and with it, quite a lot of roadwork to contend with. But despite this, ArtRebels has seen to it that there is plenty of cool street art in the area. I could spend a whole day here, just hanging out and experiencing everything that's going on in the area. In my opinion, Kødbyen (the Danish meatpacking district), which is off Halmtorvet, is one of the best places to go in the city. Whether you're into small bars or big clubs, you'll find it in Kødbyen.

Chilling in Nørrebro

Nørrebroparken is also somewhere I like spending time when the weather is good. There are always lots of different things going on there, and a lot of young people to be with. And if you make your way a little further down Elmegade, there are a lot of nice places to have a cup of coffee or a beer and eat lunch. Nørrebrogade has a lot of fun and unusual shops you won't find elsewhere in Copenhagen, so if you're not into mainstream, this is the place to go. Nørrebro has its own special atmosphere and culture, which you can't really put into words... it just has to be experienced.