The Square Hotel and World AIDS Day

Every year on 1 December, the AIDS Foundation and the rest of the world come together to focus on the battle against HIV. In Denmark, we have been holding World AIDS Day since 1988, and today it is a widely recognised occasion. This is a battle The Square wants to be part of. We therefore support the project to help those infected and to help to break down prejudice about this disease

– and there is a lot of it!


Despite great progress having been made in the battle against HIV and AIDS, the disease is still a taboo, and those infected face many prejudices. One thing is to eradicate the disease, another is to help those infected. Many believe, for example, that HIV can be contracted through social contact, which is untrue. We want to help put an end to such prejudice.

The Square Hotel donates five gift cards


We wear the red AIDS bow and donate five gift cards, each worth DKK 3,000 (total value DKK 15,000) to World AIDS Day's charity auction from 25 November to 5 December, which takes place at All proceeds go to the AIDS Foundation in the hope of suppressing this epidemic and making everyday life easier for those who live with it every day.