Dear guest, business partner or colleague

It is important to us that you, who have an affiliation with Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, feel confident that you can comment on criticisable and sensitive matters without it having negative consequences for you.

Therefore, we have established a Whistleblower Protection Program, which makes it possible for both employees, guests, buniness partners and others to report criticisable conditions.

What is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone who wants to do the right thing in a really difficult situation.

It can be difficult to say something out loud because the person doing it may risk being socially punished for it afterwards. Therefore, it is often easier not to say anything.

Why a Whistleblower Protection Program?

First and foremost, the Whistleblower Protection Program must protect the person reporting a case and ensure that the person is not getting isolated or secluded or otherwise kept out of the social sphere in the community. You can choose whether you want to name the report or report anonymously.

Furthermore, it is per 17th December 2021 a legal requirement to have a Whistleblower Protection Program in companies with more than 50 employees.

When is a Whistleblower Protection Program used?

Not all conditions are covered by the scheme. Only serious matters can be reported. It can be the following: 

  • Criminal offenses and other serious offenses
  • Serious or repeated violations of occupational health guidelines and safety rules or significant internal guidelines
  • Serious personal conflicts such as harassment

The Whistleblower Protection Program does not cover minor offenses or less serious personal conflicts as well as dissatisfaction with general terms and conditions of contracts or employment relationship.

You can read more about what the scheme covers in our Whistleblower policy.


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