Copenhagen on budget

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by Mads

The harbor swimming area at Islands Brygge

A cold dip on a nice warm summer day in beautiful Copenhagen is one of the best things I know. The swimming area is located by Islands Brygge, a 10 minute walk from the hotel. The area is perfect if you are easily tempted by a delicious ice cream on a hot summer day or you just want to cool off after a long walk in Copenhagen's cozy little streets.

Copenhagen Lakes, and the Royal Library's Garden

If a quick walk is something that tempts you, I highly recommended you to put on your best walking shoes and take an hour walk around Copenhagen's lakes. To get to the first of the five lakes, it only takes a 15-minute walk from The Square and is a different, yet great way to enjoy Copenhagen as a local. The trip takes you from Vesterbro through Nørrebro and finally you end up in the beautiful Østerbro.

Another nice and cheap option is to take a walk past the garden of the Royal Library. The garden is a small courtyard built inside of the library. It is also the perfect location for enjoying a cup of coffee or an exciting book.

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