Østerbro, everything for everyone

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Old, new treasures

One of the things I love about going to flea markets is finding things that can create new life, among my already beloved treasures. The contrast between new and old appeals to me a lot; this is also reflected in my home, which is very important to me. I can easily spend a few hours walking around in Lidkøb lidkob.dk, which is a large recycling market on the outskirts of Østerbro. Here you can find everything from furniture, clothes for children and adults, shoes, jewelry, beautiful fur coats and much more. I can look at the same object several times during a trip in Lidkøb and I think it is exciting to imagine what stories the item holds. 

Ice cream, gelatto, sorbet

I love ice cream and in Østerbro you will find a lot of delicious ice cream shops, which are some of my favourites. My absolute favorite is Olufs ice cream at Olufsgade 6. They make Italian, homemade ice creams of different sizes and I can spend a long time looking before I decide which one I should have, since I want one of each. They often change the flavors, but if I'm lucky I can get my favorite flavor “romkugle” which is a traditional Danish desert cake made into an ice cream. If they have this then I must definitely have it!

If I feel like a waffle ice cream, then I go to Østerberg Ice Cream at Rosenvængets Allé 7c. Here they make their own waffles and you can smell it far down the street, so if you are not in the mood for something sweet already, then you will be when you experience the sweet smell. Here they also change between different flavors, but my favorite is their salted caramel ice cream.

When I’m on a roll…

If I want some exercise and to have some fun at the same time, then I go to the skate park in Fælledparken, with my side by side skates.

I can in no way compare myself with the cool skater boys and girls on their skateboards and inliners, but I do love that there is room for everyone, both for the skilled and the less talented skaters such as myself. When I feel like I have been skating for long enough then I love to sit down, watch the others on their skateboards and admire their abilities. I think that this is a nice way to get fresh air, exercise and new sensory impressions.

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