How to get to the heart of the city

The Square is easy to get to from Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.
You have several easy transport options open to you.

By train

At the arrivals terminal, Terminal 3, you will find escalators that take you down to the underground platforms. The trains leave every 10–15 minutes, depending on the time of day, and your stop is called Copenhagen H/Copenhagen C. It takes around 15 minutes and will cost you  . It is roughly a five-minute walk from Copenhagen H/Copenhagen C to The Square. Please see the blue marking on the map for the location of the hotel.

By Metro

At the arrivals terminal, Terminal 3, you will also find the metro platforms. Use the stairs or lift to take you up a floor. The metro leaves every 2nd – 5th minute and you will have to change metro line at Kongens Nytorv. From Kongens Nytorv change to the M4 line towards København H (Copenhagen Central station) and get off at Rådhuspladsen, where we are located.

When using public transport in Denmark, remember to buy a ticket before boarding.

By taxi

There is a taxi rank outside the arrivals terminal, Terminal 3. It takes roughly 15–20 minutes by taxi and will cost you around  , depending on the time of day.

From the DFDS Terminal

Take the train or the Metro from Nordhavn St. and get off at Copenhagen Central Station or take bus no. 26 for Ålholm Plads and get off at Copenhagen Central Station.

Public transport

City Pass is valid for travel by bus, train and Metro. The City Pass can be purchased for durations of 24 and 72 hours, and includes unlimited use of buses, trains and Metro – including to and from the airport.

City Pass is available for adults and children under 16. Please note that a paying adult can travel with two children under 12 free of charge.
The Pass works from your mobile phone, can be ordered in advance and ready for use upon your arrival in Copenhagen.

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