Visit beautiful Copenhagen and stay at The Square

Copenhagen is a dynamic and beautiful city with many attractions. Copenhagen is an interesting mix of old and new, and the city’s most visited attractions count both modern attractions and older attractions. 

Whether you like art, architecture, history, subculture or shopping, you can find it in Copenhagen. Stay at the trendy and well-located Hotel The Square in the heart of Copenhagen and experience the vibrant Danish capital. 

To do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is best experienced on foot. The city features both modern and older architecture – especially in the center of Copenhagen, there are several cobblestone streets and narrow alleys dating back to the Middle Ages. 

The neighborhoods Islands Brygge and Ørestaden on Amager are on the other hand examples of neighborhoods where new and modern architecture thrives. 

Visit the freetown Christiania for some very different architecture and an overall different feeling than the rest of Copenhagen. Christiania is a small autonomous neighborhood in the borough of Christianshavn and is one of Copenhagen’s most popular attractions. 

Check out some of the great attractions outside of Copenhagen

Hotel The Square is a great base in Copenhagen – the hotel enjoys a superb location in the absolute center of Copenhagen by the City Hall Square and there is only a few minutes’ walk to Copenhagen Central Station. 

From the Central Station it is possible to catch a train to some great attractions outside of Copenhagen. 

The art museum Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a 45-minute train ride from the Central Station and is definitely worth visiting. The museum has to be one of the most beautiful art museums in the world and has a large collection of contemporary art. 

The Kronborg Castle in Helsingør (Elsinore) about 40 km. north of central Copenhagen is also worth visiting. The castle is most famous for its appearance in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and is one of northern Europe’s most important Renaissance castles.