Facilities and services

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Check-in from 3pm*
  • Check-out at 12 noon*
  • Express check-out*
  • Healthy, delicious breakfast buffet and breakfast 'to go'
  • Flatscreen TV and wireless (bluetooth) music centre in all rooms
  • Family and child friendly
  • Allergy and disabled friendly
  • Dogs and cats welcome
  • Coffee/tea set in all rooms
  • 100% smoke-free
  • Parking facilities from DKK 270,- per day
  • Lots of guides and tips for experiences in Copenhagen
  • Safebox & steamer in all rooms

*Earlier check-in and late check-out upon request. When you leave, you can use our Express Check Out in the lobby if you are in a hurry.

Allergy and disabled friendly

All our duvets and pillows are allergy friendly and without feathers – and we have rooms without carpets. The detergent we use for our linen is Nordic 'Swan' eco-labelled, which means that it is subject to stricter requirements for substances that are problematic for health/allergies than the legal requirements.

The Square is also a member of the "God Adgang" accessibility scheme.

Let us know in advance if you require an allergy or disabled friendly room.